The Liceo Artistico "Nervi-Severini" is situated in Ravenna and is 60 years old.

It represents a perfect balance between a High school education and laboratorial-projectual competences as, beyond the basic subjects as Literature, History, Maths, Science, Philosophy, English and History of art, there are specific subjects as Paintings, Sculpture, Architecture, Graphic, Mosaics, Multimedia, Music, Fashion and Costume.

The school is hostin 2 buildings of the 18th century full of the works of art made by our past and present students, with a valuable collection of gessos (among which an original gesso model by Canova) and a unique collection of paper drawings for mosaics reproduction through transferring made by famous artists of the XX century.

Both the buildings are situated in the center of the town quite close to the station and are completely internet connected through wiring and/or wireless

A deconsecrated church is included in the school- building where public exhibitions are usually kept

There are almost 700 students and about 70 teachers.

Use of laboratorial methods in all subjects and teaching through integrated skills

One of the few State schools in Europe where students learn the Ancient technique of Mosaics (Ravenna is famous all over the world for its UNESCO sites)

Development of creativity through school lessons and projects.

Differences, in terms of disability, genders, cultures and religions are easily accepted and included